James W. Prescott, Ph.D.

Institute of Humanistic Science


In my letter to DOD Secretary Hagel (13 Feb 2013), I requested:


This is a request that you review the enclosed material with the intent that you, as Secretary of Defense, ban MOTHERS from the combat theaters in the world and from military assignments that separate Mothers from their infants and children.


I am copying this letter with enclosures to Army Secretary Hughes and President Obama. You may wish to share this letter and enclosures with Secretary of State, John F. Kerry.


A previous letter was sent to Secretary Gates (18 November 2009) requesting the same actions with a response that evaded the questions raised where MOTHERS IN COMBAT continues. This correspondence can be seen at:



The letters sent to Secretary’s Gates and Hagel thoroughly document the biological, psychological and social harm inflicted on infants and children separated from their Mothers which violates Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Article 37 of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and to society.


Training MOTHERS to be killers is an abomination that threatens Humanity and Human Civilization itself.


I strongly disagree with Edward ehancock@aol.com of the Forum on the Creating Peace SOC GA 2010 peacemaking-network@lists.uua.org, who stated:


On women in the military, to deny women certain options because they are women, even if it is said they are being protected, is demeaning to women and is akin to treating them as chattel. Women are not destined by their gender to be breeders, nannies, or nurses, nor are men and fathers expendable.  I suspect there are at least half a billion men in the world who disagree with me.---This statement violates UUA Principles and Standing On The Side of Love.


The systematic sexual assault against Women, which begins in the Military Academies and extends to military fields of operation, is testimony to the degradation of Women by the military establishment. This is well documented by Kirby Dick in The Invisible War



The time has come for all individuals and the selected ethical-moral organizations to take a strong stand against Mothers in Combat, which protects the well-being of their infants and children and the future of Human Civilization. These selected organizations Include: Unitarian Universalist Association; Tikkun/Network of Spiritual Progressives; American Humanist Association and Council for Secular Humanism.


You are requested to act accordingly with communications to Secretary Hagel and President Obama and giving this communication wide distribution.


5 March 2013