The following NICHD internal Memorandum document a history of conflict with Norman  Kretchmer, M..D., Director, NICHD and Acting Director, CMRC Betty H. Pickett, PH.D. concerning Dr. Prescott's prior approved research on child abuse and neglect, developmental origins of violence, infant mortality and homicide and the failure of culture to support high maternal-infant/child affectional bonding.


The NICHD denied Dr. Prescott's further research on infant mortality, homicide and the pursuit of research on the neurobiology of socialization.



Memo: Dec. 29,1977

Memo Scientist Administrator Prescott to Director NICHD, Kretchmer. Summary of situation and request to fund the research project of Dr. A. Riesen on Somatosensory Deprivation.

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Memo: Jan. 30,1978

Reply by Kretchmer. Rejects idea to initiate a high priority program on the developmental neurobiology of socialization.

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Memo: May 22,1979

NICHD internal memo to Health Scientist Administrator Dr. James W. Prescott prohibits him from any activity to further research on child abuse.


"Please note the attached memorandum to DRG. Child abuse falls within the NlMH's stated referral guidelines and appears nowhere within NICHD's guideline or mission; therefore, assignment to NICHD is inappropriate."


"I have requested that DRG make no further assignments to HD in child abuse. Further, you are instructed not to program grant applications or contract proposals in this area." -- signed Betty H. Pickett, Ph.D., Acting Director, CRMC (NICHD)

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Memo: June 15,1979 - Analysis Denied

Prescott updated statistics on infant/child mortality rates for an extended epidemiological study. He then requested permission to use computer time at DCRT for $500 to do additional analysis. But Betty H. Pickett of the NICHD denied it. Today (1999) the data is still not analyzed and continuation of studies requested was denied. These denials and rejections occurred despite the NICHD responsibility for epidemiological studies on infant mortality. See 1998 NICHD studies on infant homicide and mortality.



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What could be gained by such an analysis? Publications by Prescott on the topic 1998 NICHD studies on the topic