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29 May 2015


Dear Congresswoman Jackie Speier, CA 14


c/o Barron YoungSmith

Director of Communications / Legislative Assistant

Congresswoman Jackie Speier, CA-14

2465 Rayburn H.O.B.

Washington, DC 20515


The War against Woman has been engaged since the foundation of this Country—ever since Abigail Smith Adams wrote her letter to John Adams of March 31, 1776.


Woman’s struggle for human equality has existed since the beginning of human history, which should be of the highest priority of the Obama Administration.


There is also the regrettable failure of the Institutions of this nation including the National Institutes of Health, which has abandoned violence against women and the abuse and neglect of her children.


This history is told in my recent communications with Congressman Lemar Smith, which I fear will be equally neglected, attached

The enclosed documents reviews the history and accomplishments of the Developmental Behavioral Biology Program, NICHD and its unfortunate demise with its unlawful termination of this program under PL 87-838 by Dr. Norman Kretchmer, then Director, NICHD and sustained by all subsequent NICHD and NIH Directors.

The Congress needs to set fiscal obligations for research program priorities, first acknowledged and enacted by Secretary Caspar Weinberger, see NICHD Chronology.


1975.  May 14, 1975

NIH Memo to Jehu C. Hunter from Joseph Bobbitt, Ph.D. It explicity states that DHEW Secretary Weinberger is upset by the lack of response from various federal agencies to his directive to increase activity and research on child abuse and neglect. "He finally said that perhaps the Secretary would have to remind the agencies and set fiscal obligations as he did for FY [fiscal year] 74." Bobbitt stated "that specific requirements were never set for FY 75 (but that NICHD had maintained its FY 1974 mandate level)". View Document

My plea to then Congressman Brian Bilbray, 49th District, CA of 20 March 2000 was unsuccessful and continues to this day.

This nation is now reaping the whirlwind of violence from the NICHD/NIH actions taken over a generation ago which abandoned the scientific study of child abuse and neglect; suppressed the scientific breakthroughs made through NICHD supported research, which documented that failed mother love results in developmental brain disorders and depressive and violent behaviors; and have failed to implement national health policies that would be effective in preventing depression, violence and drug abuse. -2 Min

( -9 MIN

This nation must support mothers being nurturing mothers, which includes breastfeeding for "two years of age and beyond", as recommended by WHO and UNICEF; and to reverse its national policies of supporting infant day care. No infant or very young child belongs in institutional day care.

Specifically, I requested from Congressman Bilbray that

As a member of the "Health and Environment" and "Oversight and Investigations" subcommittees of the Commerce Committee, I am requesting that you seek joint subcommittee Congressional Hearings on this deplorable and tragic history at the NIH, which has betrayed the children and youth of America; to challenge the scientific integrity of the NICHD and MIMH future plans and programs to prevent infant and child abuse homicides and child / youth suicides; and to provide Congressional mandated programs of research and action that will prevent child and youth homicides and suicides, specifically maternal-infant/child bonding and breastfeeding…and

I am also requesting that the Congress reverse the wrongful termination of my 17 year federal career in science administration with an appropriate, fair and just compensation for the losses that I and my family have suffered and to restore my honor and integrity, which was stolen by the unlawful actions of the NICHD/NIH.

The War Against Women and her Children has a long and deep history in this Nation and hopefully this history will be helpful to you in your current efforts to seek gender equality for Women in the Congress and this Nation.


James W. Prescott, Ph.D.


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