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9 October 2008



Anna Quindlen

The Last Word


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Re  http://www.newsweek.com/id/162265/output/print




Dear Ms. Quindlen,



You are so right in your essay on “The Leadership Lid”, Newsweek, The Last Word, October 13, 2008, where you state “One of the greatest natural resources in America is going underused”—Women.


You have rightly observed “And I had to wonder: if woman made up half the leadership of that industry, half the members of Congress, half the overseers in government agencies, might it have ended differently?”


I have made the same observation and recommendation to Senator Biden that 50% of the Congress are women (letters of 5 September 2008 and 6 September 2008, attached). I pointed out that we would not be in Iraq today nor invaded Vietnam some forty years ago, if 50% of the Senate were women.


Women have a Constitutional right to be full citizens of this nation, which is denied by lack of gender equality of representation in the Congress. Women have an equal right in determining the future of this nation. Abigail Smith Adams expressed these same concerns to John Adams in her letter to him of March 31 1776, attached.


Perhaps you could give attention to this proposal in your next column in Newsweek for the reasons given in my letter to Senator Biden. No response has been received as of this date.


It took 144 years for women to achieve the equal right to vote, which has not translated into gender equality of representation, as history attests. We cannot afford to wait another 144 years for women to claim their Constitution right to be coequal in determining the future of this nation.









James W. Prescott, Ph.D.



Cc: Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr.