Guttmacher, M.D. Alan (2010), Director NICHD, Letter of response of 4 May 2010 to Dr. Prescott's 5 page letter of 14 April 2010 to DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius with documentation that infant mortality has a) a high component of homicidal violence; b) that breastfeeding bonding is highly preventive of infant mortality; c) the false statements made to the Congress about the NICHD's abandonment of child abuse and neglect research-a felony; d) a history of NIH Violence Research where 0.5% of the NIH Research Budget was committed to violence research; and e) a request to review and correct the wrongful termination of Dr. Prescott for supporting research on child abuse and neglect research that was "not within the mission of the NICHD".

This letter was signed by a secretary on behalf of Dr. Guttmacher, which did not address any of the substantive issues raised in my letter; did not acknowledge the homicidal violence component in infant mortality nor the role of breastfeeding in preventing infant mortality. Questions must be raised about Dr. Guttmacher's ability to be the Director, NICHD. Read the letter HERE.