James W. Prescott, Ph.D.



1140-23 Savannah Road

Lewes, DE 19958









6 September 2008



Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

United States Senate

201 Russell Senate Office Bld.

Washington, DC 20510


C/0 Ms Nancy C. Libin, Council



Re:       Gender Equality of Representation in the Congress



Dear Senator Biden,


I failed in my letter of yesterday to suggest a schedule of implementation of the proposed legislation “Gender Equality of Representation in the Congress”.


The proposed legislation would commence with the 2010 elections and thereafter until the U.S. Senate reached gender equality of representation. As each State appeared for Senate election, a woman would be selected among woman candidates, assuming the State was represented by two males.


The Democratic Party affirms the equality of women in legislating the future of this nation.


Toward a New America.



With best wishes.




James W. Prescott, Ph.D.



Cc: Senators Clinton, Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Dean