James W. Prescott, Ph.D.



1140-23 Savannah Road

Lewes, DE 19958









5 September 2008



Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

United States Senate

201 Russell Senate Office Bld.

Washington, DC 20510


C/0 Ms Nancy C. Libin, Council




Dear Senator Biden,



Congratulations for being selected as nominee for Vice-President, United States of America, by Senator Barack Obama. You will recall your press conference on the Dunes, Lewes, DE where we had some brief words on wind energy and I expressed the hope that Senator Obama had the wisdom to select you as his VP. Mission accomplished and he could not have chosen a better running mate.


I have listened to both the Democratic and Republican convention speeches and have the following comments and recommendations to make.


The selection of Governor Sarah Palin, as Senator McCain’s running mate, has provided a unique opportunity for Democrats to advance the full equality of citizenship of women in America’s political life. If a mother of five children, which includes a child with Downs syndrome, can be a Governor of a State and run for the office of Vice-President, United States of America, then the ultimate trump is to complete the revolution of 1920, which gave women the equal right to vote, to grant women the equal right to representation in the Congress. (Women’s struggle to be co-equal with men is as old as human history itself).


We have discussed this before and the time is NOW to initiate legislation that would grant full citizenship to women by granting them an equal place of representation in the Congress, by law, that would give them equal power in determining the future of this nation.


This would be easily accomplished in the U.S. Senate where one representative would be a man, the other a woman. As I have pointed out before, we would not have invaded Iraq or Vietnam, if fifty percent of the Senate were women. We would not today be on the brink of bankruptcy with all the pain inflicted upon “We, the People”, nor have compromised the U.S. Constitution, nor compromised the health of children, women and this nation, if fifty percent of the Senate were Women.


This bill could be named in honor of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has labored so long on achieving full citizenship rights of women in this nation and in recognition of this struggle. America’s children and families would be the great beneficiaries of this action, as well as “We, the People”.


You could invite Senator McCain and other Senators to be co-sponsors of this bi-partisan legislation, to assure that it reach President Bush’s desk for signature before November 1. 2008. The Democratic Party could not give a greater gift to the women of this nation.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi could initiate separate legislation, at a later date, to achieve gender equality of representation in the House of Representative. An easy solution would be to double the Representative so that each District is represented by a woman and a man. Men would compete with men, woman with woman, and all Americans would vote.    


I am copying this letter to Senator Clinton, Senator Obama and Governor Howard Dean, Chairman, Democratic National Committee, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to facilitate consideration and enactment of this proposal.


I will write you a separate letter to detail additional concerns and actions that should be taken in opposing the McCain-Palin ticket.


With best wishes for a successful election and victory for America.







James W. Prescott, Ph.D.



Cc:       Senators Clinton, Obama; Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Dean