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Photos: Isolation-Reared Monkey

Isolation-reared monkey; image 1 Isolation-reared monkey; image 2 Isolation-reared monkey; image 3 Isolation-reared monkey; image 4
"Social Deprivation in the Laboratory: This male rhesus monkey [...] was raised in social isolation for the first eight months of life. Such early isolation often results in bizarre manifestations of self-directed aggression and a highly distorted concept of self. The photos show the monkey annoyed by the outstretched hand moving toward his face; he seems totally unaware that it is his own. His irritation mounts as the hand grows closer; in the final picture he grabs and bites his own hand."

(From: Mitchell, Gary: What Monkeys Can Tell Us About Human Violence. "The Futurist", April 1975, pp. 75-80. PHOTOS: JODY GOMBER AND WILLIAM K. REDICAN, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS)